We make it easy to access all the
information you need – instantly.


Valocity’s intuitive design and data connectivity
provides a seamless and efficient workflow.

Finance, Insurance
Corporate & Government

With Valocity you can take advantage of a wide variety of accurate data, insights and next generation technology.
We deliver digital innovation and growth while managing risk and compliance.

We are not just evolving, but revolutionising valuation and mortgage-lending technology. In an increasingly competitive and disruptive market, your success will be determined by your ability to analyse and predict new opportunities.

Featuring the most comprehensive property data available, Valocity is a platform so powerful it’s a game-changer, without being a rule-breaker. Our platform has been designed to provide insight at the same time as it adheres to the most stringent regulatory compliance measures.

Valocity delivers:


A suite of reports (including rating/capital valuation)


The first NZ-built Valuation Ordering System

Advisors & Property Professionals

Gain powerful insights that help you continue to be an expert in your field for your customers
throughout the lending decision process.

Don’t just advise, add value and make it easy for your customers. Valocity is the first customised broker solution of its kind and, with powerful market trends and fast insights, you have access to all the tools you need to close that deal.

Valocity delivers:


Autonomy, as a privately owned company with no bias


An ecosystem to ensure success in the property and valuations markets – through added value and collaboration


The first NZ-built Valuation Ordering System


Streamline your valuation process.

Valocity is an intuitive, seamless property lending decision platform that provides online connectivity
with lenders and borrowers and, in effect, makes your job easier.

Your needs, as valuers, are unique and we absolutely understand that. That’s why we have custom-built a highly intuitive system especially for you. It allows you to onboard and accept valuations yourself, and effortlessly communicate and upload completed reports.

We have strong support from key partners, including the New Zealand Institute of Valuers, The Property Institute of New Zealand, and Headway Systems.

Valocity delivers:


Endorsed by the industry and provides independent insights


The first solution of its kind


The first NZ-built Valuation Ordering System


Built specifically to support the rural industry, Valocity Agri has been developed in close collaboration with
leading lenders to create a highly advanced geospatial platform. There is no comparable product
in the market that delivers the wide functionality and flexibility of Valocity Agri.

Only Valocity Agri offers these innovative solutions:


A geospatial dashboard that allows the lender to view detailed relevant information by location.


A single platform that integrates and aggregates disparate data sources, for a completely customisable view, which is tailored by the user.


Incorporation of bank data, including customised entry templates, to deliver to the front line team via one seamless application.

Seamless integration

The Valocity platform deploys quickly and can integrate, as needed,
with existing legacy enterprise systems and internal data sources.

The delivery of Valocity as an integrated service further simplifies a complex integration of the AVM into bank systems, taking into account individual lender systems and credit / risk management policies.

The system takes the process even further by linking through to a nationwide network of external valuers, who are generally self-employed or work in small clusters. These valuers may be on individual bank-approved valuation panels allowing the bank to order, pay and access full valuation inspections in a streamlined workflow which ensures efficiency, great customer service and compliance.

Our platform integrates with advisors, enabling them to access the same tools and seamlessly deliver the deal to the bank of their choice, without duplication of valuations or the risk of fraud.

Instant pre-approval

The intelligent integration of Valocity allows our Automated Valuation Model to work with
individuallender’s legacy systems and existing credit/risk management policies seamlessly.

To achieve this, Valocity accesses and optimises information from a large number of data sets from
continually changing third-party sources, including the option to integrate bank data.

To enable the platform to interpret these disparate data sets (which are usually in different formats and
have different naming protocols), Valocity developed proprietary data matching algorithms specifically for this.


Our platform is proven to work with international address databases and can be
locallycustomised for different countries and their regulations.


Valocity can be uniquely branded and integrated to suit your company’s individual requirements and needs.