Our mission is simple:

To combine the best data, technology and analytics to transform complex processes into elegant streamlined solutions.


A platform so powerful it breaks the mould, without breaking the rules

In today’s world customers demand seamless and relevant digital experiences. Yet the pressure to deliver best practice in the face of ever-changing rules and regulations is always increasing.

Valocity enables you to deliver digital customer centricity, while remaining at the forefront when it comes to compliance and data security. Our customisable platform has been built to cut through complicated processes with speed, agility and security that’s the best in breed.

Award-winning entrepreneurial excellence

Our team is made up of industry leaders in development, valuations, design, data science, analytics and banking. We have a wealth of technology, data analytics and financial experience behind us, and an exciting future of valuation and mortgage lending platforms ahead of us. It’s a future where large data systems transform manual workflows and processes into streamlined solutions that simply make your life easier. We invite you to be part of it.

Founder – Carmen Vicelich

Our award-winning founder and CEO has over 15 years experience in creating solutions with data that solve customers’ problems. Carmen has worked with every major lender and insurer in New Zealand as well as a number of major retailers, utility and telco companies. Her ability to join the dots between disparate datasets and leverage technology has seen her deliver incredible value and innovation across a number of industries, many times over.

Valocity has won multiple awards recognising excellence and innovation


Our platform provides expediency and connections in an emergency

The challenge

The Christchurch earthquakes presented a specific logistical challenge for insurance companies. They needed a more systematic way to identify whether owners of multi-unit properties (those sharing common floors, walls or roofs) were insured, and with which insurance company. The solution also had to be compliant with data privacy and security regulations and allow disparate organisations and data to come together in real time.

Home owners needed insurers to respond faster than the current method allowed. This was more than an organisational challenge, it was a humanitarian one.

The solution

Valocity custom-built a web service platform with safeguards in place that enabled all parties to readily participate. The platform provided a means to identify all potential impacted properties, their owners and insurers.

The result

Companies were able to work together online with greater efficiency while maintaining privacy and data security. The increased visibility created across the affected properties meant insurers could identify relevant parties, collaborate to make decisions and resolve claims quickly.